Vision, Mission and Values

No matter what we are or what we do, there are fundamental beliefs that guide our objectives and decisions. These beliefs help strengthen our focus and foster unity among us as an organization. Our vision, mission and core values serve to inspire how we interact, create and deliver on our promise to clients and ourselves.


To alter the landscape of healthcare practice in our community by partnering with experts and providing high quality healthcare services.


To provide world standard health care in Nigeria.


  • Integrity
  • Exceptionalism
  • Confidentiality
  • Quality
  • Compassion

What We Believe...

At Genesis Specialist Hospital, each and every day, we put into practice our beliefs:


    We accept and treat all persons as being created in the image of God.


    We respond with caring to the needs of others as if they were members of our family.


    We honor each person’s rights and responsibilities in light of the common good.


    We set and strive to attain high standards of performance and continuous improvement.


    We use our talents and resources wisely, with honesty and integrity.

“Conceived in the hearts of those who saw the need, Born under those influences that only the tender-hearted can give, Nurtured by those whose time is without price, and brought to fruition by those who desire to see change.”